Selecting the Ideal Self Storage Unit Size

Posted on June 20, 2024 at 10:00 am

Are you looking to clear the clutter or find a temporary home for your belongings? Choosing the right size for a self-storage unit can be crucial but might need to be clarified at first glance. At our locally-owned self-storage facilities, we strive to make the selection process straightforward and stress-free. Whether you’re looking to store furniture during a home renovation, stash your seasonal sports equipment, or secure those cherished family heirlooms, understanding how to accurately evaluate your storage needs is the first step toward optimizing your investment in self storage.

Our storage units come in various sizes, and each size is designed to cater to different storage needs. From compact units that are perfect for boxes of documents or a few pieces of furniture to spacious units that can house the contents of a whole house, knowing the size you need can help you avoid overcrowding and excess costs. Choosing the right self-storage unit involves considering several factors, such as the quantity, size, and type of items you plan to store, as well as how often you’ll need to access them. Keep reading to learn about the different self-storage unit sizes available, how to determine the right fit for your items, and tips for organizing your stored belongings efficiently.

Understanding Different Self Storage Unit Sizes

Navigating the variety of self-storage unit sizes can feel overwhelming, but with a little knowledge, it becomes a simple choice. At our facilities, we offer a range of unit sizes designed to suit various storage needs, from small personal items to large household furniture. Small units typically start at 5’x5′, similar in size to a small closet, perfect for storing boxes, small furniture, or seasonal items. If you’re tackling a move or a larger project, consider our medium-sized options, like the 10’x10′ unit, which can comfortably fit the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. For those with even more substantial needs, such as whole-house storage during a renovation or a move, larger units like the 10’x20′ provide ample space for furniture, appliances, and multiple boxes.

Each size comes with its benefits, depending on your specific storage requirements. Smaller units are cost-effective and are an ideal choice for those with fewer items to store. Larger units, while more expensive, offer the convenience of space for comprehensive storage needs, ensuring that nothing feels cramped or inaccessible. Knowing the exact dimensions and visualizing the space can help in deciding the most appropriate unit size for your belongings.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Self Storage Unit

Selecting the right self-storage unit goes beyond just size. Several key factors should influence your choice to ensure that your stored items remain secure and accessible. First, consider the location of the storage facility. Proximity can be crucial, especially if you anticipate frequent visits to add or retrieve belongings from your unit. Opting for a unit that’s closer to your home or office makes trips quicker and more convenient.

Additionally, the security features of the facility should be evaluated. Our units are equipped with modern security systems, including 24/7 surveillance, gated access, and individual alarms for each unit. These features provide peace of mind that your belongings are safe. Another important aspect is the type of access offered. Our facilities provide different access types, from drive-up access, which is ideal for heavy or numerous items, to indoor access, which offers additional protection from the elements. Finally, consider whether you need a climate-controlled unit. Such units maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, perfect for storing sensitive items like electronics, antiques, or important documents that could be damaged by extreme temperatures or moisture.

Step-by-Step Guide to Estimating Your Storage Needs

Estimating how much storage space you need is a critical step in ensuring the cost-effective use of a self-storage unit. We often find that our customers either underestimate or overestimate their space requirements, which can either lead to paying for unused space or not having enough space to store all their items. Here’s a simple guide to help you estimate accurately:

First, list all items you plan to store in the unit. Include furniture, boxes, and any special items like bicycles or lawn equipment. Next, categorize these items by size and stackability. Items like mattresses and sofas take up more cubic feet and can’t be stacked, while boxes can be organized in tiers. Consider the vertical space in a storage unit — most have at least eight-foot ceilings, so vertical stacking is a great strategy to maximize the space.

Second, use our interactive storage calculator, which is available on our website. By inputting your items’ dimensions, the calculator provides an estimate of the total cubic feet needed. This tool simplifies the process and helps in choosing the right unit size without guesswork.

Tips for Organizing Your Self Storage Space Efficiently

Organizing a self-storage unit efficiently not only helps maximize space but also reduces retrieval time and maintains the condition of stored items. Here’s how we recommend doing it:

Begin by placing heavy and less frequently needed items at the back of the storage unit. Items that you may need to access more often should be placed toward the front of the unit for easy access. Use uniform box sizes if possible, as this makes stacking simpler and more stable. Leave small aisles between stacks of boxes or furniture to facilitate easy movement within the unit.

Label all boxes clearly on multiple sides so you can easily identify the contents without having to move or open them. Consider drawing a simple map of your storage unit’s layout, especially if you have many different types of items stored. This approach saves time when you need to find a specific item and is particularly useful if you store items incrementally.


Choosing and utilizing a self-storage unit efficiently can significantly ease the burden of managing excess belongings, whether due to moving, downsizing, or simply needing extra space. By understanding the different storage unit sizes available, factoring in key considerations for selection, estimating space needs accurately, and organizing the storage space effectively, you can optimize your storage experience.

At Attic Plus Storage, we are dedicated to providing you with storage rental containers tailored to meet your storage needs. Our variety of unit sizes and the helpful guidance our team offers ensure that your belongings are stored safely and efficiently. If you’re ready to find your perfect storage solution, contact us today. Let Attic Plus Storage make your storage experience seamless and stress-free.

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