Self-Storage Tips for Small Business Owners

Posted on November 29, 2023 at 10:00 am

As a small business owner, you likely juggle various tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis. Efficiently managing inventory, supplies, or equipment is essential to the smooth operation of your business. In some cases, your business premises may lack sufficient space to accommodate your growing needs, requiring you to explore alternative storage solutions. That’s where self-storage comes to the rescue – offering a flexible and affordable way to optimize your operations without sacrificing the security and organization of your valuables.

Attic Plus Storage, a locally owned and family-operated self-storage business in the Greater Birmingham, AL area, is here to help small business owners like you make the most of your available resources and grow your venture. Our secure, climate-controlled self-storage units offer a reliable way to store your inventory, important documents, and equipment, with easy access whenever you require it.

In this article, we’ll provide you with our top five self-storage tips specifically for small business owners. These tips will cover crucial aspects, such as determining the right storage unit size, understanding the benefits of climate-controlled units, maximizing security for stored items, organizing your storage space effectively, and utilizing the valuable expertise of storage professionals.

1. Determine the Right Storage Unit Size

Selecting the appropriate storage unit size is the first step in ensuring that your self-storage experience is efficient and effective. To determine the best storage unit size for your needs, consider the following:

  • Make an inventory of the items you plan to store, including their dimensions and weights.
  • Consider any potential growth or changes in your business inventory in the near future.
  • Consult with the storage professionals at Attic Plus Storage, who can provide expert advice on choosing the right storage unit size based on your specific business needs.

2. Understand the Benefits of Climate-Controlled Units

For many small businesses, a climate-controlled storage unit can offer significant benefits. These units maintain stable temperatures and humidity levels, which can help protect your valuables from damage due to temperature fluctuations or moisture buildup. Consider climate-controlled storage if your small business involves:

  • Sensitive items that are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures or humidity, such as electronics, important documents, or artwork.
  • Inventory with a high monetary value or that would be costly to replace.
  • Long-term storage of items, as prolonged exposure to fluctuating temperatures can increase potential damage.

3. Maximize Security for Your Stored Items

Ensuring the security of your stored belongings is paramount in maintaining your peace of mind as a small business owner. To bolster the security of your storage unit, follow these tips:

  • Utilize a high-quality, weather-resistant padlock.
  • Inquire about the security features offered at the storage facility, such as video surveillance, gated access, or on-site staff.
  • Keep an up-to-date inventory of your stored items to monitor for any signs of tampering.
  • Store valuables towards the back of your unit, making them less visible and accessible.

4. Organize Your Storage Space Effectively

An organized storage unit will not only save you time and frustration when accessing your belongings but will also optimize the space available, potentially saving on rental costs. To effectively organize your storage space, consider these tips:

  • Use uniform-sized, sturdy boxes for easy stacking and efficient use of space.
  • Label each box with its contents and a designated location in your storage unit.
  • Create aisles and leave room for easy access to frequently used items.
  • Utilize vertical space by installing shelves or using stackable bins and containers.

5. Leverage the Expertise of Storage Professionals

Storage professionals at your chosen facility, like the team at Attic Plus Storage, can offer valuable advice and solutions tailored to your unique business needs. To make the most of their expertise:

  • Discuss your specific storage requirements and seek recommendations on the best storage unit size, security features, and climate controls.
  • Inquire about any additional services that may benefit your business, such as package acceptance or extended access hours.
  • Stay informed on storage best practices, industry trends, and facility updates to ensure you are utilizing your storage unit to its fullest potential.


Implementing these self-storage tips can make a significant difference in the efficiency and success of your small business. By determining the right storage unit size, understanding the benefits of climate-controlled units, maximizing security, organizing your storage space effectively, and leveraging the expertise of storage professionals, you will be well-equipped to navigate the challenges of small business operations and create room for growth.

At Attic Plus Storage, we’re committed to helping small business owners in the Greater Birmingham, AL area realize the potential of self-storage solutions. Our secure, climate-controlled storage units provide the flexibility and functionality you need to optimize your operations and thrive in the competitive business landscape.

Start optimizing your small business operations with self-storage today! Contact the storage experts at Attic Plus Storage to find the perfect storage solution for your unique business needs.

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